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  • Historical relics hidden in barns, awaiting discovery.

    Historical relics hidden in barns, awaiting discovery.

    Hang around aircraft restorers and you’ll inevitably hear tales of priceless historical relics hidden in barns, buried in shrink wrap, or otherwise stuck in time awaiting discovery. These stories are […]

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  • CCRCC Banquet

    CCRCC Banquet

    The CCRCC Banquet will be held 7:30pm Friday, January 23, at the River Room in luling.  It will be buffet style with hamburger steak and fried fish with bread pudding for dessert. The […]

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  • test

    Turbidity negatively affects fisheries. It reduces light penetration and, thus, reduces the production of algae that is the foundation of the food web. Eventually the fine silt particles that make […]

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  • Flight Training

    Flight Training

    As time goes on we all believe we can do certain things, ride a bicycle, drive a car, and fly a plane. Well some of us can do one of […]

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  • Taming your airplane

    Taming your airplane

    Lately, when flying my AJ Slick, it seemed I was always fighting to keep it level.  After landing we inspected the elevator servos and found one of the servo arms […]

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