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  • test

    Turbidity negatively affects fisheries. It reduces light penetration and, thus, reduces the production of algae that is the foundation of the food web. Eventually the fine silt particles that make […]

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  • Flight Training

    Flight Training

    As time goes on we all believe we can do certain things, ride a bicycle, drive a car, and fly a plane. Well some of us can do one of […]

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  • Taming your airplane

    Taming your airplane

    Lately, when flying my AJ Slick, it seemed I was always fighting to keep it level.  After landing we inspected the elevator servos and found one of the servo arms […]

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  • Cleaning your aircraft by Don Giandomenico

    Cleaning your aircraft by Don Giandomenico

    I had battled with different cleaners for a while before I found that Simple Green degreaser was the most cost effective agent to safely clean glow fuel oil off of […]

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  • Saturday, August 2, 2014

    Saturday, August 2, 2014

    It was a cloudy Saturday but that didn’t stop us from flying. Todd brought out a new club member, Alan Leblanc, to fly his jet on the buddy box in […]

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