Flight Training

As time goes on we all believe we can do certain things, ride a bicycle, drive a car, and fly a plane. Well some of us can do one of the three.

We at Crescent City RC club would like to help those that are having issues with flying planes.

If your are new to the hobby, or just need to have someone assist you with your new plane, we can help.

The man in this video has been flying for many years, but there is something about flying a new plane for the first time. You spend many hours, days, months or even years building this aircraft and all you want to do is get it in the air, trim it out, and get it back on the ground in one piece. No one wants to admit it, but everyone feels the same way on the first flight.

At Crescent City Remote Control Club, we have experienced pilots, (RC and Real Pilots) that are willing to jump in and help where ever they can.

We have helped many new pilots in the past, and now we are offering more instruction.

If you are like me, SPEED is way to go. Yes, there are fast electric prop planes. Yes there are fast Nitro planes. But now there are even faster turbine planes. We now have a turbine jet pilot willing to share his expertise and time to get more people in the air with turbines.

Of you are interested in learning to fly,or to perfect your flying skills, we have the people that can help.

Email: learntofly@ccrcc.com Tod landing his jet