Saturday, August 2, 2014

Todd Landing

It was a cloudy Saturday but that didn’t stop us from flying.

Todd brought out a new club member, Alan Leblanc, to fly his jet on the buddy box in preparation to get his jet waiver.

Alan had his son and father-in-law with him.

Jeff C. was busy all day helping Brian get some air time on his foam trainer.

Jeff’s  foam trainer seems to have helped because it looked like Brian has improved quit a bit flying it.

Jeff Rayford’s day did not go so well.  He crashed his Seagull 30cc Extra on approach.  As you can see in the picture it was a very pretty plane.  It looked like the rain was going to move in so everyone left around noon.

All in all it was a real good day.

Tod landing his jet Jeff and Brian resting All about familyJeff Raiford's 30cc Seagull Extra

 If you would like to get involed, drop us a line or shoot us an email and we will get you in the AIR!