Memorial Day 2014 Wrap up

CCRCC Memorial Day 2014
Arial View of the Crescent City Flying Field

This years Memorial Day event was one to remember! You could not ask for better weather or better pilots.

This year the weather was forcing all of the surrounding clubs to postpone their events, but the weather was perfect for ours, so the local and not so local pilots came out to support our 27th Annual Memorial Day Fun Fly.

It started as I drove up to the field and people were already there setting up. I knew then it was going to be a good day.

We had everything at our field, Electrics, Quad copters, small and large planes, 3D planes, candy bombers, and a few Turbine Jets!

We also had the trainer plane for the new and upcoming pilots. I would like to thank Freddie for his nerves of steel as he flew a borrowed plane and radio to get the job done. IF you see Freddie, ask him how Jeff help with his nerves LOL.

The Flying Circus - what's left of it.
The Flying Circus – what’s left of it.

One event we had on the schedule, was the flying circus. If you have never seen this, it is something you will not forget. 4 .46 sized Sticks were built for the sole purpose of flying combat. Over the last 6 months the pilots from NOMAC (New Orleans Model Aviation Club) practiced flying the machines in the attempt to hit each other, but never did. That was not the case today. Today the 4 planes climbed to the sky looking for a fight. and they found one. The first casualty was an elevator strike, and as luck would have it, the side with the control arm was damaged and down she came. The crowd roared as they thought it was a close call, but when the plane hit the ground we all knew it was over. Then it was on, that plane had to come down. Matt set it sights on the culprit and headed for him. A few close passes and the final strike. Matt flew his plane through the other and down it came. Last one in the air was Matt, no engine since he used it to kill the other plane, but a dead stick landing was perfect. GREAT Show!!

Next was the Candy Bomber, with all of the children we had we needed a candy bomber. If you have never seen this, it cool! The pilot takes off fully loaded with both candy and fuel. The field is cleared as he makes a few test runs to get the proper range, and targets the drop points. The children are gathered by volenteers well be hind the safty fence as the pilot brings the plane around for the bombing run. Everything is looking good and bombs away. the candy is now on the runway. As the plane leaves the area, the children are released to go and find all of the goodies, with supervision. While the children are on the field, the bomber is well away from the area. Once the the all clear is given, that everyone is off of the runway, the bomber will return and land. I think once you see the photos you will understand why this is one of the main attractions.

When you come out the one of the events, you never know what you will see. Today was not exception. I say this because of the 4 different types of aircraft we had in the air at the same time. A turbine Jet, a 600 sized helicopter, 10′ wingspan 3D plane and a trainer plane. Everyone respected each others airspace. It was nice to see.

When you have a chance, check out all of the photos and video’s, and make plans to come out and visit our field.

Arial View with a Hexicopter and a GoPro

The Flying Circus

Time Lapse Video of the Day

Memorial Day 2014 Photo Gallery